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The operations of PT. Telen Eco Coal (TEC), Persada Multi Bara (PMB), PT. Bumi Murau Coal (BMC), PT. Khazana Bumi Kaliman (KBK), PT. Tri Panuntun Persada (TPP), PT. Bumi Kaliman Sejahtera (BKS), and PT. Bhirawa Pandu Selaras (BPS)  are located adjacent to each other in the Muara Wahau District and these were awarded Mining Effort License or Izin Usaha Pertambangan (IUP) by the East Kutai Regency. In Muara Wahau the total area for TEC, PMB, BMC, KBK, TPP, BKS and BPS is 33,971 Ha. 

The Muara Wahau operations are planned to be very large scale operations and have the potential to become one of the largest coal export producers in Indonesia. BEP planned to use the smartest design for waste removal. As the coal is relatively soft and friable, the coal seam will be directly excavated, coal will be crushed and transported to the port of Lubuk Tutung a distance of some 120 km. In order to execute this long distance hauling infrastructure, BEP joint with local government-owned company (PT. Kutai Timur Investama) formed a company for haul road named PT. Bhakti Kutai Transportindo.

An extensive system of coal transportation will be implemented including conveyor from the crusher to the stock pile location and haul road to the port. At the port, coal will be directly loaded into cape size vessels via jetty, conveyors and ship-loading facility.